Invisible Conflicts’ Summer Trip 2011

Trish and Wilfred                         Ang and Sharon watching football    Peace                          Wilfred, Robert, Richard

Negri Primary School           Negri boys

Angela with Sharon, Beatrice and Brenda                 Guardians Association

Co-founder, Odonga Grace, with Angela, Trish and Jackie                 Brenda and Beatrice

Art day      Jackie and Beatrice

DMP's land     Trish and Richard

Negri boys: James, Richard and Wilfred       Football game at Negri

Mary Immaculate classroom     Jackie, Angela, Brenda and Barbra Sharon

2011 Summer Trip Accomplishments 

1) Paying school fees with provision of all that is required for a serious and focused child to succeed academically;
2) We established a 3-member board of directors;

3) Relocated our office in Lacor center;

4) Improved communication strategies with our project office

5) Successfully cleared and demarcated DMP land using pine trees and is awaiting utilization;

6) Created a project proposal of an agriculture project which will include a piggery, grinding mill, female training program, and raise funds to self-sustain the organization within northern Uganda;

7) Applied for grants for the agriculture project and researched new grants;

8) Met with the Guardians’ Association to assess their needs and hopes from DMP;

9) Collaborated with medical students from Gulu University for future service projects;

10) Built connections with Invisible Conflicts members in the US, members of Gulu government, members of the Gulu district farming community, and other non-profits with similar missions;

11) Upheld sufficient documentation of both personal and demographical information on the beneficiaries, and

12) Captured artistic media of the DMP kids through film, dance, and photography which will be used to further fundraise and advocate for DMP in the United States.


About dwonmadiki

DMP is a partnership between students and community members in the campus group Invisible Conflicts (IC) at Loyola University in Chicago, USA, and students and their families in Lacor, Uganda.
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