For two decades, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) robbed northern Ugandan children of their childhoods in a vicious war. The LRA destroyed villages, kidnapped children, and burned down schools causing many to flee to camps for the internally displaced.  Since 2006, the LRA has moved its efforts outside of northern Uganda allowing families to move home and rehabilitate, however resources are few and not all children can afford to go to school. We work with Ugandan community leaders to prioritize education in rebuilding efforts through the Dwon Madiki Partnership.  DMP serves as a sponsorship program to support war-affected children in the pursuit of education. All donations and fundraising efforts go directly towards the academic fees and needs of each sponsored child.

For more information, join the DMP Facebook Group. 


A world where vulnerable children of northern Uganda succeed in school and achieve holistic development of self, family and community.


To empower vulnerable children to succeed in school through provision of quality education, engagement in activities of holistic development of self, family, community and fostering personal relationships with students abroad through art, media and technology, under seven major guiding principles: Educating, Engaging, Exchanging, and Empowering, together with Money, Media and Masses.


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