Meet the Guardians

The Guardians’ Association  of the Dwon Madiki Partnership is the group of guardians responsible for the children DMP sponsors.  They meet regularly and have input in the direction of the organization.  Check out their pictures below:

Karmela, grandmother of Lakarber Teddy

Filda, mother of Wilfred and Beatrice

Cacilina, grandmother of Brenda

Sharon, aunt of Racheal and mother of Richard and James

Ventorina, Grandmother of Aciro Mercy, Komakech Robert, Acaye Stephen, Apio Janet, and Akwero Sharon

Grace, mother of Joan and grandmother of Jerome

Margaret, mother of Atim Sharon

Grace, aunt of Tu-ape Paul

In Loving Memory of Albert Menya (1940-2012)

Menya was a remarkable man. He lived a full life and had a wonderful family who loved him dearly. He personally cared for many children and as the grandfather of a few kids in the Dwon Madiki Partnership he served as the Chairperson for several years. We are incredibly grateful for everything that he did. Conducting affairs with kindness and grace, he always exhibited wise leadership. We are so lucky to have had such a remarkable man in the organization and in our lives. He will be sorely missed.


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